Bronck's Park Productions -- A Portfolio Sampling

"Something tells me it's all happening at the zoo..."
- Paul Simon
("At The Zoo")

The following videos are just a few samples from our award-winning portfolio of low cost/high concept ads. What we've done in the past for authors and publishers we can do for any business looking for creative yet affordable advertising!

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writer producer director shooter any all
video editor photo editor animator award winner  

"I'LL TAKE YOU THERE!" reel   (YouTube)  

A CARIBBEAN TALE international TV ad   (YouTube)  

A NEW NEW TESTAMENT book trailer   (YouTube)  

ABSOLUTE FEAR book trailer   (YouTube)  award winner

AIMEE BAR-AM / PHOTOGRAPHER Yelp Directory Ad   (YouTube)  

ALWAYS A MOMENT AWAY music video   (YouTube)  

BACK IN BLACK interview / teaser   (YouTube)  

BIRMINGHAM SUNDAY book trailer   (YouTube)  

BLUE MOON book teaser   (YouTube)  

CALLIE'S RULES book teaser   (YouTube)  

CHESSIE BLIGH book trailer   (YouTube)  

CYBERKILL teaser   (YouTube)  

DARIUS JONES / ASHLEY INTERVIEW mock interview / teaser   (YouTube)  

DARIUS JONES / BAMBI INTERVIEW mock interview / teaser   (YouTube)  

DARIUS JONES / CIARA INTERVIEW mock interview / teaser   (YouTube)  

DARIUS JONES / FANCY INTERVIEW mock interview / teaser   (YouTube)  

DARIUS JONES / JADA INTERVIEW mock interview / teaser   (YouTube)  

DATE ME BABY ONE MORE TIME book teaser   (YouTube)  Davey award winner

DON'T SIGN THIS LEASE book ad   (YouTube)  

DOUBLE FANTASY book teaser   (YouTube)  

EDGE OF DAWN book teaser   (YouTube)  

FOR ONE MORE DAY book trailer   (YouTube)  

FORBIDDEN FANTASY book teaser   (Veoh)  

FRANCA'S STORY book trailer (TV version)   (YouTube)  

FRANCA'S STORY book trailer (web version)   (YouTube)  

HE LOVES ME, HE LOVES ME HOT book teaser   (YouTube)  

HUNTING FOR HEMINGWAY book teaser   (YouTube)  

IF YOU GIVE A GIRL A VISCOUNT book trailer   (Facebook)  

ISLAND HEAT book trailer   (YouTube)  Telly award winner

LOST SOULS book trailer   (YouTube)  

MORDRED, BASTARD SON book teaser   (YouTube)  

MUST LOVE DRAGONS book teaser   (YouTube)  award winner

NEW MOON book trailer   (YouTube)  

NEW MOON book teaser   (YouTube)  

NEW MOON interview   (YouTube)  

SCREEN WARS POPCORN AD for AZTV show   (YouTube)  

THE 18TH SCROLL book teaser   (Vimeo)  

THE BURNING book teaser   (YouTube)  

THE BURNING book trailer   (YouTube)  

THE CHOIR DIRECTOR book trailer   (YouTube)  

THE GEMINI AGENDA book trailer   (YouTube)  

THE SANDALWOOD TREE book trailer   (YouTube)  


THE STRANGER I MARRIED book trailer   (YouTube)  award winner

THE ULTIMATUM book teaser   (YouTube)  

THE VINTAGE CLUB book teaser   (YouTube)  

TOBI & MATT short film trailer   (YouTube)  Various film festivals

TOO MANY CARROTS book trailer   (YouTube)  

TOO WICKED TO WED book teaser   (YouTube)  

TRACING COWBOYS feature film trailer   (YouTube)  Various film festivals

TROUBLE IN HIGH HEELS book teaser   (YouTube)  

ULTRA VIOLET book trailer   (YouTube)  

WISH YOU WERE DEAD book trailer   (YouTube)  

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Several of the above samples are known as "book teasers" and "book trailers". These concepts originate with Circle of Seven Productions, our business partner in the book advertising field. Book ad queries will be routed through Circle of Seven. All other queries are handled directly by Bronck's Park Productions.

All videos are the property of their respective owners.