Production Notes

Shot entirely on location in Los Angeles, the US-Mexico border region and Baja California. Extensive use was made of real locations and non-professional actors (all Mexican actors) were hired for principal and supporting and roles. The combination of professional and non-professional actors provided the space for naturalistic performances and improvisation was used to develop scenes in rehearsal and to allow each actor to invest their character with a personalized voice. Wherever practical the film was shot in sequence.

Shooting on HD Cam afforded a particular kind of filmmaking freedom ideally suited to the needs of this film. The crew was smaller, the physical presence of the gear reduced and the pace of work much faster. Found locations remained relatively untouched and aspects of real life could continue around the scenes as they were shot. The economics of HD allowed the camera to roll between takes, before and after takes and even during rehearsals, capturing those unexpected moments, those spontaneous beats that 35 mm usually misses. The reduced weight of the HD camera allowed for an exclusively handheld shooting style and the increased light sensitivity of HD allowed for very extensive use of available light and night shooting. This film seeks to enter into lives as they are really lived, to preserve the authentic experience, but it is also a film that seeks to transform that reality into a cohesive, carefully designed and visually expressive experience.

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