The 2nd Life project is a grand experiment that tests peoples' abilities to break out of their own preconceived notions of the limitations of their world, their abilities and their lives.  It challenges individuals to tap into resources that were previously inaccessible.  It encourages each participant to rid themselves of the shackles that chain them to mundane existence.

How can you participate in the 2nd Life Project?  Simply facilitate or attend one of Joe Gruberman's 2nd Life seminars.  Any group or organization of any size can participate.  Pricing is based on the resources of the group, with particular sensitivity to non-profits.  So start with a simple inquiry and don't forget to ask about tailoring the session to meet your group's particular needs and goals! 
Joe Gruberman is a member of Mensa, the high-IQ society and is an American Red Cross Disaster Action Team Lead. He holds a master's degree in business administration (MBA) from Arizona State University's W.P. Carey School of Business and is an adjunct instructor at a private career college. His ongoing seminar series has been a part of the Phoenix independent filmmaking community for more than 7 years.

Joe draws his experience primarily from almost three decades in the corporate world, dealing with personalities as diverse as software engineers, sales reps, warehouse workers and top management. As a mid-level director, Joe's job was to bring these people together and find a common ground to success. Over years of company mergers, management reorganizations, layoffs and firings, Joe developed a humanistic philosophy that put people ahead of business, and relationships ahead of profits.

In 2001, something happened that changed Joe's outlook on life forever. We all know that incident by its familiar name, "9-11". In a search for a greater meaning to his existence, and after months of introspection and practical personal financial analysis, Joe quit his job in 2003, leaving a six-figure income and a 28-year career in information technology to pursue volunteer charity work, education and writing. His wife may never forgive him. Would you? Listen to Joe's story in his own words and decide for yourself.
Too Young To Die
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What do you do when you are, in the words of Jethro Tull, "too old to rock and roll but too young to die"? Do you tough it out in whatever you're doing until you can afford to retire? Or will that day ever come? The reality is that as long as you've got breath in your lungs, you need to give yourself a reason to live. Sound sacrilegious? It might be. But it speaks to one of the main problems that we face as we advance in years: We lose interest.

This talk is meant to be an interactive discussion with the attendees to help explore each individual's options in a world where there are actually many more options than you would even think you'd need. But this is a good thing! Try on a new skin and walk around with it a while. Then try another. We can't always be counted on to make the best decision on the first attempt. But every try is just one more thing you've learned about yourself. I bet you never thought you were that complex!

The Ultimate Project
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"Why does everything have to be such a big production with you?"  If you've ever been on the receiving end of that comment, then you may already know how important it is to plan.  Or you might just be over-planning activities that could be reeled in to a much simpler...production.

The Ultimate Project is a session designed to help you turn complicated tasks into simple projects and then scale each project to the appropriate size.  Whether it takes a day, a week, a month or a year, you'll get a better handle on how to manage the unmanageable and get the willing help of others!

The Ultimate Project is your life.  Learn to manage your life and you'll find more time to do the things  you enjoy the most.

Growing Up Jew-ish
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The hyphen is intentional. In my case, Jew-ish, means "sort of Jewish". I was raised in a Jewish home -- in fact, a foster home -- by Old World transplants who lost track of the more significant aspects of Judaism. It wasn't until just a few years before my Bar Mitzvah that, as a result of obligatory religious and cultural training, I realized how distorted my Jewish upbringing really was. Worse still, I also discovered that my long-dead birth mother was not Jewish and so, by definition, neither was I. Without officially converting, my entire training and transition to manhood was little more than a show for the benefit of my foster "parents" and my surviving birth father who was, by the way, 100% Jewish. So am I Jewish? Well, I certainly "feel" Jewish. Let me tell you my whole story, and you decide!

Futures Shock: The Truth About Commodities Trading
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This talk is based on Joe's instructional book, Futures Shock, which is an introduction to commodities trading from the perspective of the 95% of traders that lose money in these volatile markets. But even a Vegas slot machine pays out eventually. Find out when and how...and to whom!
Nearly any theme from social to technical to economic, including topic research, scripted speaker introductions and even program coordination (i.e. "ring master").

Instructional classes
Joe's plain language and interactive method of teaching will be applied to any instructional program you might be developing.  As a former technical writer, software developer and management professional -- and with an I.Q. close to 150 -- Joe can break down most any subject matter to teachable elements for the beginning and intermediate student.

Individual coaching
Sometimes the best group sessions cannot accomplish the intended goals.  For these situations, consider one-on-one sessions by a master facilitator and human resources management professional.  Joe can provide personal consultation under even the most sensitive circumstances and help resolve interpersonal conflicts and other roadblocks to individual success.

Language Translation
Simultaneous interpretation to and from multiple languages for nearly any sized audience from a handful to several hundred.

International engagements
Joe's ready to travel anywhere in the world to deliver your message!

Script writing
Let Joe help your message soar with expert advice, editing and co-writing of your presentation scripts.

Feedback on seminars, classes and professional partnerships:

"Thank you for joining us at the Greater Phoenix Mensa 2015 Regional Gathering. I have gotten really good feedback about your presentation and I hope you enjoyed yourself."

"Great job at the workshop today, Joe! You're an excellent teacher. I was amazed at how much we were able to cover in just one hour. Thanks again!"

"Joe is a master speaker!"

"Sometimes the only reason I come to these seminars is to listen to Joe speak.  He's so inspiring!"

"Joe Gruberman is a really great teacher... He is very organized and prepared... learned a lot from him. I will use a lot of his techniques and organization skills..."

"I feel that Joe... is a great teacher. I learned a lot from him."

"I enjoyed this class enormously !!!!"

"I thoroughly enjoyed this class. It was a lot of fun and educational."

"I really appreciate your organization, leadership and energy. Thank you!"

"Outstanding! ...if I had ten Joe Gruberman’s, things would run much more efficiently and smoothly. I’m delighted."

"Joe Gruberman is an amazing fellow. He is very knowledgeable and very friendly."
We recognize the need of not-for-profit and educational institutions to provide qualified and professional speakers at no or low cost to their respective audiences. Joe is a member of several such organizations and the challenge can often be daunting and restrictive. For this reason and time-permitting, we will gladly accept a modest honorarium or even appear for free, if the cause is worthy, non-partisan and non-sectarian. We only ask that travel and lodging expenses, if any, are reimbursed.

In most other scenarios, pricing is based primarily on the type of event, the length of the appearance, and the amount of research required to fulfill the role effectively. That said, we're happy to work within your budget to provide the service that best suits you.

Contact us to find out more! We'd much rather you asked, than you assume that we're too expensive for you. You might be pleasantly surprised!
For your convenience, a contact form will be added here in the near future. For now, please simply email me with a brief description of your needs and the schedule date(s). I'll attempt to get back to you within 24 to 48 hours. Or you may phone me at (310) 845-6790.

The 2nd Life Project is not affilliated with the Second Life 3D virtual world.

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