Lime Wrangler Productions

Show Name: "Cookies for Callie"
Genre: Film
Actor Level: Adult
Director: Rosa Linda Román
Audition Date: April 3, 2003

Our thanks to everyone who came out to participate in the auditions for this project. We have a wonderful community of talented people. If you weren't selected for this project, please check back at this website in the future for other auditions.

We will be selecting a limited number of people to apprentice on the crew. If this interests you, email us at talentLWP+at+jgrub+dot+com.

Shoot Dates: Late April/early May 2003
Payment: Copy and credit only.

This will be Lime Wrangler's 4th digital short, aimed at festivals. Our first production, Rosa Peligrosa, was nominated for Best Picture at the 2002 BareBones Script2Screen Film Festival and was chosen to compete in the Palm Beach International Film Festival.

Copy, credit & meals provided.

Contact Chris Redish via email: castingLWP+at+jgrub+dot+com

(in Adobe PDF format)

Martin & Callie

Martin & Louis

Martin, Stephanie, Mary, Todd & Chuck


(in Adobe PDF format)

Martin & Stephanie

Martin, Stephanie, Mary, Todd & Chuck
(extended dinner scene)

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