Run Rosa Linda Run!

For some, "fitness" is a dirty word. For others, pushing their physical limits is a way of life. KION 46 News Anchor, Rosa Linda Román, always fell somewhere in the middle. Then she moved to California and something crazy happened; she decided to train for a half-marathon.

Starting in February '04 and continuing for 10 consecutive weeks, she shares that journey with viewers of KION channel 46 in Monterrey, CA...and with you at the KION46 website.

Watch her series, "Run Rosa Linda, Run!" online every week to learn more about the people helping her reach her goal. And hear, in Rosa Linda's own words, why she frequently asks the question; "What have I gotten myself into?"

Visit the website:

On the left, click on: "Run Rosa Linda Run"

To read the journal: Click on the links that read "Week #1," "Week #2," etc.

To watch the story using high speed internet: Click the "video" link at the end of each week's introduction.

To watch the story using a slower internet connection: Put your cursor over the word "video" and right-click on it. That should pull up a menu. Click on "Save target as" and save the story on your computer. Then you should be able to play it after it downloads (may take awhile because it's a big file).