Simultaneous Interpreter Tech Support
  • Highly-skilled
  • Professional
  • Organized & Efficient
  • Team Player or Team Leader
  • Local to Phoenix, Scottsdale, Las Vegas and L.A.
  • Can travel across the U.S. on short notice
  • Available for worldwide support
  • Excellent references
Joe Gruberman

Extensive experience working as support technician for simultaneous interpreters since 2005, servicing scores of diverse clients too numerous to list, from small, local, focus group studies to multi-national, multi-level marketing events. Here is feedback from one client:

"I talked to Sue Ellen at International Truck today. I planned on calling her for a follow up but she called me first. She said and I quote...'I hear Joe had little wings or a halo on or something... they said he was absolutely fabulous!' She went on and said many other things along the same lines. She was aware and very impressed that you stayed around longer than they had expected you to and solved some minor issues that could have tripped them up. Sue Ellen couldn't say enough good about you and she wasn't even there!"

Proficient with Williams IC-1 & IC-2, JTS IT12M/D, Listen LT-800, miscellaneous RF and IR transmitters/receivers, audio troubleshooting using Q-box, and can quickly adapt to most other systems. Feel free to throw any challenge at me. I will be honest about my knowledge and abilities. I teach film production, which includes how to cable electrical equipment and audio components.

Can transport and erect all full-sized and table-top booths.

Will travel locally, nationally, internationally. Have passport.
Can drive large trucks (two axles) and can expertly back up a hitched trailer.
Personal vehicles is Isuzu Rodeo V6 with trailer hitch.

2014 Joe Gruberman