A young Englishman obsessed with his hero John Wayne and intent on becoming a Country and Western singer travels down to Mexico in search of his missing girlfriend during the festival of the Day of the Dead.

While this strange and mystical land holds many hard lessons for Ethan, the answers to his quest seem always to remain one elusive step beyond his grasp. That is until he traces the trail of her travel photos toward the film's surprising and dramatic conclusion.

'Tracing Cowboys' is about two peoples' search for their own identity whilst leading lives apart from one another. It is a story about self-deception as well as self-discovery, about honesty but also betrayal of yourself and others. Ultimately it is about the search for what is really important in life and an examination of the contradictions that exist between two adjacent cultures.

The film traces a route from Los Angeles down the Baja Peninsula, through desolate and otherworldly landscapes, and from the cosmopolitan artifice of Los Angeles to the simpler authenticity of the Mexican desert and the indigenous traditions of love, life and death. A haunting and poetic romance where nothing is as it seems.

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