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Welcome to the cyberspace home of JGrubCo, an amalgam of informational websites and business entities that collectively represent the enterprise known as JGrubCo.

Founded in 1992 by Joe Gruberman, the enterprise began its existence as Lloyd Street PC, a builder of made-to-order personal computers. In 1993, software workshop Vision Quest Labs was created. Vision Quest developed LimitUp!, the Futures Trading Simulator, and its companion book, Futures Shock: An Introduction To Futures Trading. The Vision Quest website is an index of commodities and other financial resources and is probably one of the oldest, continuously operated index sites of its kind on the Web.

Revised in 1999, LimitUp! - which is full-function, non-expiring shareware - has been downloaded in dozens of countries all over the world as a fun and easy (and safe!) way to practice commodities trading. Limitup Online translates the standalone LimitUp! to an interactive educational web application.

In addition to Vision Quest and LimitUp!, JGrubCo includes:

Lime Wrangler Productions - a jointly owned independent movie production company;
Bronck's Park Productions - a multimedia creative development company;
BPP Media Services - freelance writing, videography and editing;
BPP Funding Services - a cash flow consulting company primarily servicing the business community.
Io Asset Management - stable, low-risk investments for Baby Boomers -- like me!

Several other projects, services and informational websites are part of the JGrubCo family. Click on the links above to take you to various areas of the JGrubCo website. Your questions and comments are welcome. A link to our email address is at the bottom of this page.

JGrubCo is wholly owned and operated by Joe Gruberman,
writer/producer, management consultant and member of Mensa, the high I.Q. society.

�2009-2011 Joseph Gruberman, Phoenix, AZ. All rights reserved.